She Moves Crew Stories!

I just wanted to let you know that SheMoves is literally a lifeline for me at the moment. We have moved to country and the process has been really isolating for me. My husband is pretty much consumed 24/7 by work and I don’t really know anyone yet. The workouts are really top quality and would be great even if life were a bit more on track but having them, especially now, is really helping me stay afloat in so many ways. Thank you for your awesome idea.
— Lisa
Hi Bridie, I just wanted to let you know that I got in my bathers and went swimming today for the first time in nearly five years. (At a public pool too!) As I’ve only started exercising two weeks ago there isn’t any noticable physical changes but giving my body some love and attention has changed my attitude towards it. So thank you from me and my kids who now have me in the pool with them!
— Dee
I think after three kids I’d resigned myself to never feeling good about my body. Everything just felt too hard, like it was out of reach for me and my lifestyle. I’ve never seen myself as someone who could be fit. I’ve wanted to be that person, but the ‘how’ overwhelmed me.

I’m not into gyms. I find public classes intimidating. I liked running once, but my pelvic floor doesn’t after three pregnancies and years of carrying around small children.

She Moves has changed everything for me. I’d spent a few weeks trying to be more active, so the timing was great when a friend suggested I check it out. I was curious. Could I manage three short workouts a week? It felt possible, so I weighed it up.
The pros:
It was in my own home
I could do it whenever I wanted
No equipment required
At the price, what was the harm in trying?

The cons:
The unknown (Would I like it? Would it make me feel like crap about myself? Did I actually want to exercise?)
I would feel terrible if I started and then wanted to pull out, there was a risk I’d just end up paying each month indefinitely like an unused gym membership

Having decided the pros outweighed the cons, I opened the tab to sign up and closed it again about thirty times before actually taking the plunge. I had a lot of self doubt.

I am so glad I finally clicked the “next” button and finalised my enrolment. It was the best thing I’ve done all year. The first step towards feeling a million times better. Don’t get me wrong, boy did that first workout HURT! I could barely move. But, faster than I expected, my body started to catch up.

To begin with, I fitted the workouts in whenever I could. The beauty of the She Moves format meant that once I made the commitment to myself, I easily managed to find thirty minutes to exercise three times a week. My kids love to watch Bridie and the sometimes hilarious interruptions of her children. My seven year old was like a personal trainer, telling me when I was doing something differently to Bridie and joining in occasionally. Now, I join ‘live’. I love the community feel it creates and find sets me up for a good day. I miss it on the days I don’t do it.

I feel so much better. On my “Bridie workout” days (as they are known in my house) I feel like I can take on more. My body is changing, getting stronger. I’ve lost weight, toned, clothes sit better on me. For the first time in my life I feel like I can be fit, consistently. I’ve found a program that is manageable even with three small kids and a million other things going on.

I wrote a new pros and cons list three months in:
The pros:
I feel better
I look better
I am kinder to myself
I have more energy
I’m losing weight / toning / stronger
My core strength is improving, less back pain
Though I often feel grumpy about the workouts before/during, I always feel great afterwards
Don’t have to leave my house or see anyone
There is a level of accountability to show up without it feeling like pressure, which pushes me on the trickier days
The mindset chats are super helpful and ‘real’
I don’t feel like I have to give up any part of my life in order to be fit and healthy, it’s like a lovely little addition rather than sacrifice and pain.
Bridie is warm, relatable, friendly and most importantly I feel like she gets it.

The cons:
She took my excuses (That’s should probably be a pro)
I have an occasional irrational fear that Bridie might one day stop She Moves and I would be beyond gutted.

So, ah, I sat down to write a thirty second testimonial and I ended up gushing. Which says more about She Moves than my need to procrastinate, because I have fun stuff to do today. It is genuinely one of my favourite parts of my life right now.
If you’re thinking about it, opening and closing the sign up tab like I was, I encourage you to take the plunge. For the price, just give it a go, totally worth it.
— kim