Designed For You.


She Moves is designed for women like you.

Busy, working hard and looking after everyone else. It’s easy to put yourself at the bottom of the list.

But you know it has to change.
You need something that is just for you!

  • Because you feel heavy and unattractive.

  • You are just over it and feel like you have been repeating the same patterns forever.

  • You are scared that things will never change.

  • You’re feel really down about the way your body looks.

But you want to feel like the true YOU not the frumpy, mumsy, stressed person you see in the mirror.

  • You want to look and feel strong, toned and healthy.

  • You want more energy.

  • You want to feel more comfortable in the clothes you love.

  • You want to feel empowered and confident.

  • You want to go out standing tall and feeling hot!

You can.
And you will!
And it will happen faster than you think!

She Moves was a non scary way to start exercising. You seemed so real and passionate about health but I loved that you also called out a lot of the bullshit on it too. It’s a fine line to be positive and into health without being preachy or patronizing.
— Kate


  • 3 x LIVE Workouts Per Week
    Live 6am Monday, Wednesday and Friday then posted straight to the group so you can do it any time that suits you! Friends, partners, kids and pets welcome!

  • Weekly Accountability Thread
    To keep you showing up for someone. Totally optional but helpful to those who want support staying consistent.

  • Weekly Mindset Coaching
    The difference between She Moves and other fitness programs is that we work on the Mindset of creating healthy habits. Changing the way you think about time, your habits and your body!

ALL FOR JUST $29 per month!
Yes seriously. That’s under $7 a week

All you need is a facebook account and a little bit of space!
Dumbbells, shoes and pants all optional ; )

You and me.
30 minutes.
3 x a week.

Your positivity is contagious (and I am super cynical so well done for converting me). It really keeps me inline and interested. She Moves extremely ‘real’ which helps to motivate me too because I think “if she is sick/tired/finding it hard” then I can do it too.
— Lisa

So, who is She Moves For?

Busy women and mums who want to get fit/lose weight but don’t know where to start. Start here!

Women who you have “tried everything!”
(I had too. Let me brainwash you lady! and transform your life!)

Women who have lost weight in a big ‘weight loss challenge’ and then bunged it back on again.

Or tried Youtube videos but lose steam… cause you need and want some accountability and connection.

Women feeling frumpy, tired, isolated and lonely!

Women who feel a bit uncoordinated and scared of the gym
or simply don’t know what the heck to do when they get there?

Mamas who have been to a gym after having a baby and some punk 20 year old PT dude forced you to do jump squats because he doesn’t know what a pelvic floor is………

If you have recently had a baby or been injured please make sure you have the all clear from your doctor/midwife/physio/allied health professional before joining xx



When you sign up you will be charged $29 and then the same each month on the same day.

  • You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to gain access to the She Moves Crew Facebook group so you can get started ASAP!

  • Please allow up to 12 hours to be accepted to the group (but we try to add you much sooner than that)

  • Workouts are filmed live and then posted to the group forever so you have access to everything in there including the bonus sessions/stretch/foam rolling etc.

  • You can search for workouts in the search bar and save your favourite workouts with the save tab to come back to. You can also tag a friend who is also in the group to share your favourite ones.

  • The monthly memberships will renew automatically. To cancel your membership please email 7 days before your membership expires and we will remove you from the Facebook group and cancel any future payments.

    I hope you get a lot from this membership so please feel free to email feedback at any time

  • xx