“I just want to help women feel like the strong, confident, more content version of themselves ”

I’m Bridie. I have two kids, 1 husband, a cat called Bruce and a dog called Mac.

I am a qualified Pilates and yoga teacher, PT and counsellor-to-be so I know all the “things” about “wellness” but still found it a struggle to workout consistently. With kids, no sleep, to do lists, life and work I found that I could, and would prioritise everything before the one thing that made me feel really good - EXERCISE.

Even as a teacher, after babies going to a cool Pilates class seemed intimidating, a gym class just overwhelming, loud, rank and too tired to go to a Yoga class fearing i would just fall asleep!

I had Pilates clients and mum friends saying the same thing and so I decided to start some online classes and see how we go.

Waking up at the crack of dawn some mornings is tough, i’m not going to lie. But EVERY day i do it, I feel SO much better than on the days I don’t - and women in the She Moves crew say the same. (FYI - You do not have to join live!)

Basically I built the She Moves community to help us all find some way to build exercise into our lives and to help you fill your cup back up Lady!

To help us all build TRUE confidence and true strength that comes from taking ownership of our bodies and learning to enjoy and actually like them!

While hopefully being a bit of a lifeline for busy women and mums in a new chapter of life that is hectic while lonely. When you crave some connected but cant be f’d going out.