Feel awesome in your body!


She Moves brings you a live workouts that you can do
anywhere, any time, with any body!

From my home to wherever you are. Home, holidays or work.

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays
Join me Live at 6am
(6.30 eastern standard time)
or any time that suits! Cause not everyone is a morning person.

Husbands, partners, kids and pets welcome
You will be meeting mine as they barge in and out!




She Moves workouts are varied and fun.

Workouts are low impact while giving you the most bang for your 30 minutes! So that you are gentle on your joints (and pelvic floor) while ensuring you feel the burn.

We use pilates foundations to have you standing taller and feeling stronger and longer!

The aim is always progress over perfection!





She Moves is ALL about MINDSET!
Mindset is the difference between yo-yoing for the rest of your life vs actually getting results that LAST. The difference between enjoying the process and resenting your body.

Within the She Moves Membership you also get a weekly ‘Pep Talk’ to help you turn that mean girl in your head into a confident voice building you up every day!

To become that woman you want to be and FEEL more positive, confident and happy.





As humans, we crave connection and desire to feel apart of something that is real.

In She Moves, you are not just a number. The SM Crew is showing up for you and you for them. It is upbeat, honest and fun.

You, me and the SM Crew. We are in this together!


She Moves is so good! The workouts are fun and it’s like I’m working out with a mate.
— Kelly